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Pianist - Répétiteur - Singer - Educator  - Pioneer


Nick is a Brisbane man who has been working as a music professional for nearly 20 years.

Performing as a vocal soloist with the Queensland Pops Orchestra ignited a passion for performing in him which lives on to this day. He started performing at weddings, cocktail events and private functions before he left high school and found his career path at an early age.

After school, he took his love of music to his tertiary studies at the Queensland

University of Technology (QUT), majoring in Composition. 

In 2014, he got on a jet-plane and moved to Montreal where he opened Première Music Academy where he led five music instructors who taught a large range of instruments to many students. In the role of Head Instructor, Nick charted the teacher's professional development plan and continued to help grow the student cohort with hit passion for music education.

In 2015, he was appointed as a Music Director at Evangel Pentecostal Church in Montréal where he led over 100 creatives for weekly music engagements as well as annual drama and music spectaculars, both secular and sacred. 

In 2016, he founded and directed a vocal ensemble called Vocal Arts and Nick continues to

write and arrange for vocal ensembles as part of his passion for the art of singing.

In 2018, he packed his things and returned to his hometown

Brisbane to continue post-graduate studies in theology.

In 2021, Nick joined Queensland Ballet as an Academy Pianist

at their brand new state of the art ballet facility in Kelvin Grove.

In 2022, Nick commenced Master of Music Studies at the Conservatorium of

Queensland (Griffith University) at Southbank; majoring in Vocal Pedagogy.

He has been teaching for 17 years teaching and Nick remains a passionate educator 

continuing to pursue new innovations in the music education industry. 

He continues to perform as a piano soloist and he is regularly working as music director with some of Brisbane's best musical talent, and is especially passionate about local live music.

He also faciltates masterclasses for singers and musicians on all topics that

revolve around music, the voice, breath for singing and neuromusicology.

If you would like to know more about Nick you can contact him at 

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